An Ivy Strewn House


In the grandiose hall of an ivy strewn house
Stone and brick constructed,
Shuffled mechanical angels
In perpetual gyration,
Ableton Live conducted.
The pompous King summoned
Fresh blood for thirsty dogs,
The Queen stole away
To tie knots in the devil’s tail
While Dominion sons fucked floating bodies in the bog,
Producing princely orgasmic wails.
Queue barbaric sitcom laughter and floods of merry tears for
Crimes against humanity.
Welcome to the pinnacle of human education!
Welcome to Old Arts Building Insanity!
Marble men, satiated with hopes for children’s dreams, laid to rest
Pedestal rejuvenations ago,
Stand awake, aghast at the pornography of TV,
Silently they pray to a god whom they’ve renounced,
That future history textbook authors surgically separate current times,
From those revered Marble Men once called their own,
As apathy for self and sloth of conjecture
Has splintered from the seeds they’re ashamed to have sown.

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