Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)


Apocalyptic dreams ravage and starve.
In my hunger, in my thirst,
I believe I can sleep for infinite years.
Empty vessels fill my insides like pockets of air.
The spindle produces yarn,
Knitting cobwebs in my mind,
Weaving a carpet in the loom of my body.
The warp and weft threads unravel.
A crocheted veil is pulled over my eyes.
I am lost in the possibilities of threads.
I am lost in the reality of separation.
Warmth has beaten its way out of my heart.
Tears reveal the anguish of the years I have loved,
Of the mere minutes that seized you away. So far away.
My soul torn asunder, my compass without direction.
All that remains trickles like water, escaping through my fingers.
Besieged by unbearable agony that multiplies like a cancerous cell,
I light a candle. I light a candle for the daughter who will grow up without her father.
I light a candle. I light a candle for the father who will grow old without his daughter.
I blow the candles out.

Melda Koparan

Melda received a 2014 Pushcart Prize nomination for her poem, "Alice in Reality." She is a twenty-two year old who resides in New South Wales, Australia. Melda has a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Education course, majoring in History and English. She has been published in ZineWest 2011 and 2012, the Spring 2012 issue of Do Not Look at the Sun, The Camel Saloon and in Eunoia Review. Melda enjoys exploring the possibilities of creativity, the imagination, and human experiences and emotions.

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