Battered Sausage

Well  that's that... For now anyway.

The day started
with me curled up
in a nice warm sleeping bag.
I got out and found and put my pants on.
I was almost ready
for another wonderful day.
It looked cold outside.
I was not so ready for it but I went anyway.

When I got to the big building the ‘receptionista’ said that I could not park here
So I drove around for a bit
went for a coffee and then home.

I began to regret leaving the house at all.
There was nothing really out there
Nothing for me

I was never one of those ‘go getter’ types.
I was fairly sure that there was nothing out there for me.
Later in the day
an editor sent me back an email
comparing my work to Charles Simic and some other guy I had never heard of
Of course,
I was not quite as good as them.
They told me that if I thought about changing the endings
they may reconsider.
I sent them a reply
thanking them
but I am not sure really what I am thanking them for.

Later I watched a film
then headed home with a battered sausage and some chips.
That is just how I feel
Like a battered sausage.

Maybe that’s what they can put on my facebook page when I die
He just felt like a little battered sausage.
I hope this ending is better
maybe I will send it to that editor

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