Battle Scars

Eczema behind knee - 7 yrs old

These battle scars don’t look like they’re fadin’
They aren’t ever gonna go away
Like scar tissue that builds up after surgery
Bulging out like a weak spot in a tire
Crushing me like dents in a tin can
Covered only by the smile that holds everything together.
Biting at my ankles with every step
Holding my words as I let them go
Try to let the anger ‘fade away’
Falling out of my mind like unconscious thoughts
But the words are still haunting
They follow me like a boom box
Screaming the whispers you left behind.
Words so haunting even Lady Macbeth would be jealous
Things aren’t ever gonna change
Ying after yang
Ping after pang
Never ending cycle of lies
Things will always be the same
But I wish it would all just fade away
Wish it would all just go away

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