Cookie-Cutter Dagos

Anthony Cristina_Cookie Cutter Dagos

    lie with me forever   Rest your life on mine    Align our limbs to cast in sand      The desert’s silent for my ashes I don’t call it peace     but compromise      fighting ancient seas and picturesque     we’re beyond     People passing over and under      never bother us   Chain-link floors, neon paint, foreplay pointed to the sun    Colonies form our histories           dangling from a cigarette     When you speak I don’t understand    so I watch our life      on mute     Holding hands at Coney Island, Trapani, and home        wearing too many faces, I take my dance with you                 Others say you’re mute               I wanted to know your voice


Photo by Anthony Cristina

Anthony Cristina

Anthony Cristina

Anthony Cristina doubles as an illustrator and vocalist for hire. His books include Gentlemen Pigs and Working Class History. He was born in a subarctic jungle called Downsview.
Anthony Cristina

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