Not the end even if it feels like it


After almost 20 years publishing in one medium or another, Stepping Stones Magazine will be going on an indefinite hiatus. I can say we’re closing our doors, because we’re not. We won’t be taking, but the zine will remain online.

Without going into a long explanation, the staff and I have personal, family and professional matters that have us all scrambling one way or another. Instead of just closing our doors. We thought it best just to go on leave, see where things are in the future and reevaluate things at a later time.

So what does this all mean?

We’re going to make sure all accepted submissions as of April 30 2016 are posted, though the schedule may be erratic. However, we will get everything we accepted published. As our archive project is ongoing, it will be completed before the hiatus. Lastly, I will continue maintaining the site, ensuring the backend receives updates as their issued so there should be no problems with access to the site.

Thanks to everyone for their positive thoughts. Stay tuned!

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Trinae Ross

Trinae Ross

Trinae is an aspiring novelist who has published in several now defunct print and online publications. As a result, most of Trinae's available free time is spent making sure Stepping Stones Magazine doesn't share that same fate. Feel free to stop by Trinae's website and say hello.
Trinae Ross

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