Food for Thought


‘What’s eating you?’ they ask
as I push the food around my plate.

‘Nothing,’ I say rawly, not pausing,
nor stealing a moment to hesitate.

I lie to them, but not myself
(no, not to me, I see my fate),

knowing what’s eating me:
eating is, all-too-figuratively.

And so, eschewing truth,
my I responds with nothing, quite literally…

It eats away at me bite by bite, bone-by-bone –
body, brain, and soul.

Because I can. And I can’t stop me.

And why should I want to stop,
when this is a game that only I can win and lose –

and see me, raise me, or fold?
I will have to stop, in the end, but not for me:

I live my life divided into parts – three –
and each and every one of us is one no longer whole.

I hate my body;
know that he hates me.

Like a loveless marriage,
we are stuck together, indefinitely.

Not because we want to, need to, must,
but because we have to be:
I’ll eat away at him while he eats away at me.


Photo by kirikiri

Neil Slevin

Neil Slevin

Neil Slevin is a 25 year-old writer from the West of Ireland. A former English teacher in the U.K., having graduated with a B.Sc. in Physical Education with English from the University of Limerick in 2011, he has now returned to University to complete an M.A. in Writing at N.U.I. Galway and to pursue a writing-based career.

He also writes for The Sin (N.U.I.G.'s student newspaper), and as a reporter for ILAS (a campus centre providing community-based initiatives for the local area), and is's Memoirist of the Month for October 2015.
Neil Slevin

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