For this . . . Though still


I help my mother lay a plant—
                           I can’t
Be sad.  I’ve tried.  The passin’ years
                           Draw tears,
But they’re all hers . . . an’ hers alone.
                           From stone,
No voice cries out that I atone
For this . . . Though still, I breathe yo’ name,
An’ whisper, “Daddy, what a shame
            I can’t draw tears from stone.”
Johnny Longfellow

Johnny Longfellow

Johnny Longfellow has served for nearly 20 years as a mentor to Newburyport, MA high school students through their Poetry Soup reading series and annual print journal.  The editor of the online street-poetry site, Midnight Lane Boutiquehis own poetry has recently appeared in The Five-Two, The Literary Hatchet, and The Rotary Dial.
Johnny Longfellow

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