Head Bump


The temptation is not the attraction but the removal.
As you are moving away I am going towards you,
Banging my head on your magnet,
Lost in your crazy maze.
If I hang onto your sleeve it is because I want to be
Garmented by you.
I want to be the button on your cuff.
I want to be your tomorrow in your today and your today
In my tomorrow.
It all doesn’t make sense or dollars.
I am the cost of doing marriage with a marginal mind.
As long as you pay the price I will sell myself to your advantage.
We never know which way we are going when we are going
In a hand-holding way.


Photo by Ed Yourdon

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has published several hundred poems in magazines such as North American Review, The Antioch Review, Skidrow,Penthouse, California Quarterly, Confrontation, and others. He authored the books Lane Changes, The King of White-Collar Boxing and Obama in the Sky with Democrats. David also starred in a movie, Boxer Rebellion, at Sundance Film Festival.
David Lawrence

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