In the lonely silence
the soft tremors wrap
slender fingers around the encrusted foundation
low rumblings take hold
and split the fault line of the heart
with one convulsion

The broken heart is an open heart
revealing an unanticipated depth
vulnerable to all who approach its threshold

Here is a new invitation
to slip beneath the still surface
where words will fail
and timorous courage will be your only companion

drink deep from these waters
happiness and sadness are shed at the surface
here you pay admittance with your attention
stand in awe of the gift of being alive!
take one last look to remember
that you are alive in the terrible beauty
of experience

Eli Embleton

Eli Embleton

Eli Embleton recites poetry for organizations of all types in order to reach the oft neglected parts of their humanity. He often performs with internationally recognized pianist Michael Jones. He holds a BA in Classical Studies and an MBA (to communicate to the business world). He lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and three children.
Eli Embleton

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