His Mommy Died Today Poem


Please Answer Your Cell Phone Mommy

His heart is crying, he’s so very young,
He doesn’t know what a dagger looks like
yet he feels one deep inside his stomach
He cries, his mommy died today,
please answer your cell phone mommy
His breaths are taken between heaving sobs
He’s never seen a raging fire,
yet he feels one consuming his spirit
Please answer your cell phone mommy
He’s her baby, he needs to hear her everyday
He keeps calling her cell phone number
for that promise made in her voice,
the voice he needs to hear,
Believing the truth as spoken,
that she’s just stepped out for a minute,
and she’ll call right back
If he could trade all eleven of his birthday wishes for one
he would ask that just this call be answered,
so he could hear,”Hi son, love ya so much sweetie,
I’ll be home shortly”,but his mommy died today,
So he goes to bed tonight, grasping her cell phone,
as it rests,as she did, on his pillow,
he gazes at the voice trapped inside
knowing it to be the last hug his mommy will give him
Her precious little boy curls up and cries out for her,
only her.

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