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We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Now we’ve just launched our Instagram account (@ssmalmia) so be sure to add us!

Speaking of Instagram, we want to launch our #30secondpoetry and #30secondfiction initiatives. Participating is simple. Record yourself (or someone else if you’re shy like I am) reading your poem or short fiction and tag us @ssmalmia with the above hashtags and reach across the expanse of the interwebs. Make it silly; make it serious. Express yourself however the muse moves you.

Feel free to tag us is photos of what inspires you to write. We want to see the world through your eyes and want to share in the experiences that motivate you to sit and ply your craft.

We set the stage. Now, make your voice heard. See you online!

Trinae Ross

Trinae Ross

Trinae is an aspiring novelist who has published in several now defunct print and online publications. As a result, most of Trinae's available free time is spent making sure Stepping Stones Magazine doesn't share that same fate. Feel free to stop by Trinae's website and say hello.
Trinae Ross

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