nothing else

before you understand this word
and the importance of this word
the moment of the word’s material existence
by virtue of the nature of light
and the working of the human eye
has already passed you by
and as it passed you by
some constellations spun off into oblivion
the earth revolved axially
heels angrily clacked the dry pavement
because it did not rain
though you thought naively that it should have
(because you read too many books)
as you spun to a new vertiginous point in space
and now you are in a new moment and time
in which
somewhere someone
right now
as proof that the moment
that precious moment
when you understood this word is
and that is why you read poetry too
isn’t it?
to stop
the earth’s revolution
the expansion of the universe
the burgeon of birth
the pointless march of decay
the tears she hid
as she turned away
isn’t it?
and to try to reach beyond
your silly sack of sinew
your sad cradle of bone that
reads reads reads
words words words
with ardor and fervor and hope
to apprehend recondite lexemes like vertiginous
to impress imaginary
someones somewheres
with your vocabulary
so that a particular word
when imaginary someones somewheres understand it
will imbue you (too late) with a false humanity and intellect
but the moment
that precious solitary moment
in which you understood
in which understanding met
the faculty of your heart
that moment is by now
and you have wasted your time because

This poem has not brought her back.

Jeremy Decker

Jeremy Decker is a 2014 Pushcart Prize nominated poet from Berlin, Pennsylvania. He has received an A.A. in Spanish from the Defense Language Institute and a B.A. in English from Ithaca College. His work has recently appeared in Old Red Kimono.

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