Kori Morgan: How I Write


Care to introduce yourself?
Sure! I have a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from West Virginia University in Morgantown (let’s gooooo, Mountaineers!) and now live in Alliance, Ohio, where I work from home as a content curator for a standardized test prep company. I also spend a lot of time reading, working out, and spending time with my husband, Curtis, and my dog, Augustus Waters Morgan (bet you can’t guess what one of my favorite books is!).

What do you write?
Fiction, mostly, but I also write poetry and essays. I also write a lot of those scary looking reading comprehension passages you probably remember from the GRE for my job, which is actually more fun than it sounds.

What are you currently working on?
After writing pretty much just literary fiction for several years, I got hooked on current young adult fiction about a year and a half ago and am now writing a novel that I hope to self-publish whenever I consider it done enough to do that.

One word that describes your writing habits?

Do you write using a computer? A mobile device? If so, what software do you use? (Operating system, apps, etc.)
Whoever said once you go Mac, you never go back was right. I’m pretty solidly Pages and Microsoft Word and sometimes write on the notepad app on my iPhone.

What software/apps can’t you live without?
If Google Drive somehow spontaneously combusted, I’d be in serious trouble. Also, iTunes, Word, and the iPhone game that goes with the Disney movie Inside Out. Seriously, it’s kind of addictive.

Care to share a photo of your desktop?

Do you write longhand? If so, what medium do you use? (Type of notebook, pens, pencil, note cards, etc.)
I journal longhand. Everything else I type.

Where do you spend most of your time writing?
My home office, as well as various local coffee establishments.

When is the best time for you to write?
Whenever I can, basically. My job is demanding, so I squeeze it in whenever possible. My writing group actually has a special meeting once a month called Shut Up and Write where we all get together and write for two hours. I find I get my best work done there.

Complete this sentence: My biggest writing quirk is …
Seeing total strangers in public and casting them as characters in fiction I’m working on.

What are you currently reading?
Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton. I’m borderline obsessed with the Broadway musical, Hamilton, and wanted to know more about the real people behind the true story.

What music (or other audio) do you listen to while you work?
Whatever best fits the project I’m working on. I go for a lot of indie rock when I’m doing stuff for work, but for my own writing, I make playlists especially for the characters.

The best piece of writing advice you’ve received?
Less is more. Don’t get complicated when smaller words or sentences will do.

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