Left Haunted by a Dream


His hands catch
in her hair—
tangling vines;
a world of blue
rain outside,
and cold.
Warm under blankets;
his kiss lights her way
into the most beautiful
dreams. Leaves
and branches
scrape the windows;
his eyes so blue
she swam inside their
currents, oceans
dazzling, hypnotizing,
the magic inside
only a memory now;
she keeps searching
for their light-
drawn back to it,
but he’s long gone,
leaving her lost,
leaving her cold.

Maura Gage Cavell

Maura Gage Cavell is Professor of English and Director of Honors Programs at Louisiana State University Eunice. She resides in Crowley, LA, with her family. She's recently published in Abbey, Louisiana Literature, Carnival Magazine, Clark Street Review, and Westward Quarterly.

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