canary in a coal mine

Every Tuesday at ten I lie on the pale green couch and probe the depths of my psyche
mining for bits of gold to please her a flash of a locked out child cold in a cotton dress a
dream of a blind woman wielding an axe a memory of a cat ripping a screaming squirrel a
mother lode of anger a mother lode of sadness moving deeper and deeper into the mine
moving darker and darker into the mine only a narrow glint of light as I wander through
tunnels and shafts lost in perpetual past starving and sleepless glimpses of terror shine
through veins of depression glimpses of belts glimpses of knives inside each terror another
terror nesting like Russian dolls what is the fucking point? Today I find a dead canary.

Claire Scott Rubin

Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has published in numerous literary magazines. She has been nominated twice for the  Pushcart Prize (2013 and 2014).  She was also a semi-finalist for both the 2014 Pangaea Prize and the 2014 Atlantis Award.  Claire is a winner of the Arizona State Poetry Society 2013 Annual Poetry Contest. Her forthcoming first collection of poems, Waiting to be Called, published in 2015.

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