Mistress of the Damned

Beautiful Woman

I’ll be not afraid…
When the clock chimes twelve
For then I know she comes.
I find her in a whispered chant –
In prayers to wayward specters.

I’ll be not afraid…
When the lights are dimmed
For darkness invites her spirit.
Her eyes burn like the candle’s
I burn to beckon her.

I’ll be not afraid…
When I feel a chill
For her touch is sometimes cold.
Her flesh as white as the face of
But beauty to envision.

I’ll be not afraid…
When lost ravens sing
A song they heard in Hell,
As roaming demons come to
Our carnal acts of lust.

I’ll be not afraid ..
When she claims my being
For her kingdom of the damned,
For her master sends her to me
To buy my immortal soul.

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