Notes to My Lost Brain


I. If you are an author, or a something else-or do feel free to make a book. A book that I may wish to read not just a book which is witless.
Or the book many be one which neEd editing. I know most editors think that all books need edition, if only because the need jobs. I doubt seriously that Shakespeare had an editor.

I do wear a metal which says (silently): What stupid thing did I do now?”

PLease do take miscellaneous thoughts out with you to the road of living free. The homeless do not require rereading. Therefore they so not require leaning against a lap post. Lampposts are for those who enjoy reading and thinking; because those who enjoy reading do enjoy thinking. But this does not explain why those who can not think write so many… novels.

Will you take my computer out and get new sparks put into it?


Isn’t it interesting that the single word please stands alum with a question mark. Please seems to be to me a deep question.

I think before the barn fire how beautiful the sun was when it was up and shining. it seemed to me to tell about its personality.

I could be done and finished here except I do wish to say some more interesting and perhaps inappropriate remarks. Yet I do wish this to be no only understood but also enjoyed and it is odd that bad language and offensive statements are rarely enjoyed for more than ten minutes.

This make me think of my teachers face. She taught my favorite class but I don’t know if it interesting because it was so interesting or because she, who was so interesting, taught it.

Oh, while I am thinking this: Red wine is always fine, not only because and for the rhyme.

I am always looking up interpreting things and events as if events are not things. Of course (this means that as there is a course and you wish to talk, and you do not wish to talk off course (lets see if that will become a saying) if you are not looking up anything interesting, in this world where memory is not instant and therefore thoughts are few and far between do we nerd to stop thinking and just go watch the brain dumber machine of televised vision?

II. I have a very loving wife who loves me too and in spite. errr, ahh I mean, in spite of my disability. I do here then apologize sincerely for every time I have wronged her unpurposely and or purposely (never happened honey) offended her by being stupid. Sorry, ignorant.

This is all simply thoughts which ought to show everyone that I am not a thoughtless person. You can herein see me thinking.

Just because I or you have brain damn does not mean you have to die at this time.

If you are squish of heart or extremely religious do not read this importuned chapter. It may be the most important but, oh well. I do apologize if you did read the title (note, title contains the word tit)

but if you are offended, think how we feel if and or when you do some of the things mentioned in chapters below.

Before going any further let me explain the rude, so rude, title.

I do truly love my co authors. They are each wonderful people as you may chose to read in their autobiography.

Well, I was a volunteer at a hospital and one of my tasks was to sit with and help a man who I became to like very much. Before I started to volunteer with Ed, false name, perhaps, he told me I sound write a book on and with obscenity.

Then the joking began.

“I don’t know shit about dirty words.”

“Words cant be dirty, only clothing and faces can be dirty, you ass.”

That, of course got me thinking on how asses are always thought to be dirty, but a good ass is a clean ass.

I have heard each and everyone of you use these words.
My father, a railroader, used this word regularly and thus made me think they were regular words.

G. David Schwartz

G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue and Midrash and Working Out of the Book. Currently a volunteer at the Cincinnati J Meals on Wheels, Schwartz continues to write.

His latest book is Shards And Verse (2011, Publish America).

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