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I’ve amassed a lot of computer parts over the years. Looking at the storage closed filled with hard drives, processors, cases and the like, I could probably put together a handful of functional PCs that can be used for daily tasks like web browsing, email, and processing documents. I’m playing with the idea of putting together the PCs and donating them to folks who might have a need.

There are some issues I need to examine. To make this possible, I’m going to have to go the open source route. While I can only install one copy of Windows on one machine, I can install a copy of Linux (Ubuntu, Mint or something else user friendly) on as many machines as I have. There are pros and cons to consider, but I think the pros push me in the direction of not having to tackle the Microsoft issue.

I don’t have the details mapped out. Just another idea to throw on the metal stove to simmer for a spell.

Stay tuned.

Trinae Ross

Trinae Ross

Trinae is an aspiring novelist who has published in several now defunct print and online publications. As a result, most of Trinae's available free time is spent making sure Stepping Stones Magazine doesn't share that same fate. Feel free to stop by Trinae's website and say hello.
Trinae Ross

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