they are kind to each other
a satisfied hum
suffuses their days
few conflicts
few signals for sex
his aggression proscribed
by her incest
he inches from perpetrator
she inches from annihilation
her body a fallow field
desire ploughed under
when her father

he forgives, defers
tends the stark field
hoping for spring

she eviscerates
with sweet smiles
fearing his strength
stunting his growth
abbreviating him
with stories of
hands and horror

birds scrabble for
scarce seeds

scarecrows flap
in stale air

she pillages
he abdicates

they are kind to each other
a hum of rage
stirs the soil
of the stillborn field

Claire Scott Rubin

Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has published in numerous literary magazines. She has been nominated twice for the  Pushcart Prize (2013 and 2014).  She was also a semi-finalist for both the 2014 Pangaea Prize and the 2014 Atlantis Award.  Claire is a winner of the Arizona State Poetry Society 2013 Annual Poetry Contest. Her forthcoming first collection of poems, Waiting to be Called, published in 2015.

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