Red Hook


There won’t be any rooftops left to look down from,
not even a novice ledge—
you’ll have pulled them all from under my feet
by the time I believe
you’re gone

no, not even the Brooklyn Bridge
which I saw bowing under
your slight enormity
would bring me away
from you

an empty room, a medicine jar
the home I know
won’t carry me far

as the passing dreams of now and
then, age ten, jumping up
instead, into an absent father’s
implausible grip,
asphyxiation crystallizing those three words
into something shimmering
into the light of your eyes.

Stephanie Kaylor

Stephanie Kaylor is based in upstate New York where she is completing a MA in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. She is also a current MA student at European Graduate school, concentrating in narrative structure and desire. Though her musings are not political in content, she is an ardent supporter of activist causes, including sex workers’ rights and prison abolition.

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