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Before getting back to our regularly-scheduled program, I wanted to take time to clean up some of the posts already appearing in the site. While I still am not sure what happened, it seems that some of the text in earlier posts shifted into the photos. It’s a bit jarring if you ask me.

From there it will be a mixture of adding new posts and recovering posts from last year. It’s a lot of work, but in the end it’s going to be worth it. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff graced our inbox.

Will catch up with everyone later with updates as they come. Until then, keep the ink flowing!

Trinae Ross

Trinae Ross

Trinae is an aspiring novelist who has published in several now defunct print and online publications. As a result, most of Trinae's available free time is spent making sure Stepping Stones Magazine doesn't share that same fate. Feel free to stop by Trinae's website and say hello.
Trinae Ross

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