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For some odd reason, our guidelines were M.I.A., while the rest of our site worked without issue. Thanks to awesome Facebook dude, Carlin Comm, for bringing the matter to our attention. While I addressed the issue, took an opportunity to reintroduce our public Dropbox submission service. I’ve played with the idea on and off last year, trying different software solutions to make the service as simple as possible to use. Today I’m happy to announce we accomplished that goal.

Great, so how do we use this awesome new service? Glad you asked. You can read our guidelines here, on Grey-Matter Mutterings, or on Stepping Stones Magazine Lite. You will see links referring to our Dropbox service. Clicking the link will take you to our upload page as seen in the screenshot below. There, you can upload your manuscript one of two ways: (1) you can drag your submission(s) to the green bar and it will automatically upload or (2) You can click on the Choose Files button and select the file(s) you want. You can also send us a message (3) by clicking on the Send Message button and then type your message in the resizable box that appears.

We’ll keep an eye out for little bugs and squash them if the should rear their heads. If you have any questions about our Dropbox upload service or anything else, drop us a line or leave a comment below.

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Trinae Ross

Trinae Ross

Trinae is an aspiring novelist who has published in several now defunct print and online publications. As a result, most of Trinae's available free time is spent making sure Stepping Stones Magazine doesn't share that same fate. Feel free to stop by Trinae's website and say hello.
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