Small Packages


I’d like to drink up the Universe
from a can of Diet Coke,

Bought from a celestial boutique
bartering my ancestors’
most virtuous moments.

With no deposit required—
can’t be returned without your
consent, a secret label on
the side that reads:

“Ingredients: good will
made fresh daily from
Kant’s morality—no
prior or future acts
of virtue required.”

Has a pull tab that
opens like a forever
Christmas Morning,
or Kipling’s sixty
second run,

with overflowing
rivers of wine that
never run dry or

leave you wanting—
just packed with
Aristotelian natural wealth.

The aluminum reflects images
of man’s greatest achievements
for study, that hold you spellbound
suchlike an enchanted storyteller,

with great poetry
an added quid pro quo,
should you care to
leave a deposit.

Just a man and his can:
with whole chunks
of Meanings from
Emily Dickinson

on the bottom and

bubbles of Beauty,
truth and time that
won’t dissolve—
like a Keatsean Urn.

Gil Hoy

Gil Hoy

Gil Hoy received a B.A in Philosophy from Boston University, an M.A. in Government from Georgetown University, and a law degree from the University of Virginia. Gil is an elected member of the Brookline, MA Democratic Town Committee, and served as a Brookline Selectman, the Town's highest elected office, for 12 years. Gil studied poetry at Boston University, and started writing his own poetry in February of this year. His first poem “When Doctor Death Calls” recently published in Volume #47 of Soul Fountain. Gil is married, with three children, and lives in Brookline.
Gil Hoy

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