To my dearest aunt,
I wear this necklace for you.
Each and every day,
I clasp it around my neck.
It has become a part of me.

It’s nothing fancy,
No shimmering beads or dangling charms.
One ordinary silver chain,
And one little pendant.

A smile.

To my dearest aunt,
Who fought the hardest battles,
And crossed the greatest seas.
Who overcame the toughest obstacles,
And never gave up hope.
Despite everything,
You never stopped smiling,
That unforgettable, life-changing smile.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

To my dearest aunt,
The strongest person I will ever meet,
I wear this necklace around my neck,
Each and every day,
Just for you.

Erin McCool

Erin McCool lives in New Hampshire with her family. She enjoys playing field hockey. "Smile" waswritten for her aunt, who lost her battle with cancer over a year ago. Erin's aunt continues to inspire her to be the best person she can be.

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  • Smile - September 7, 2015

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