Sunday nights on AMC

June 14, 2009: Down day

It was a relationship built on lives
that weren’t real.
I could count the minutes we didn’t speak
over the television.
Those minutes became a part of me.

Somewhere I’d like to think that island exists.
That someone will wake up to find that everything was one gigantic dream,
and we’ll stop existing then and there.
Maybe somewhere there is some sideswiping afterlife,
some great cathedral.

For now,
The sheets are rolled down and the television on.
I’m drinking tap water, watching whatever is programmed for Sunday nights on AMC.
Someday I’ll learn to love something real.
Until then, I’ll live 22,
43 minutes at a time.

Ryan Stoldt

Ryan Stoldt is a poet and songwriter living in Wichita, Kansas. His work draws inspiration from the writing of Gregory Orr, Raymond Carver and Robert Bly. You can listen to Ryan's songwriting at

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