The Doorkeeper

the doorkeeper

I am the root of all evil
	where kindness begins
I cause the upheaval
	and forgave dying sins,
I stand alone, high above
	while dwelling far below
I am the definition of love
	and the creator of all we know,

I am the promises made
I am the lies we've spoken
I am the light and shade
I am the cause of hearts broken
I am the ace of spades
I am the last token
I am the final crusade
I am the dreams we're provokin',

I am the creator of time
I invented the line
I made heavenly wine
I made hell divine,
I am lust, lush and passion
I am hate, fear and death
I am life, loss and confusion ration
I am your first and final breath,
I am the gate to the Gods
I am the fiery world of the devil
I am the howling pack of dogs
I am each and every level,

I am now and I am then
I am where and I am when
I am thick and I am thin
I am forgiveness and I am sin
I am the beginning and I am the end
If you want to get out
	or you want to get in
You must seek the doorkeeper
	and I am him.

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