The Heart-Shaped Necklace


Your heart, your heart, I wear it ’round my neck
It slips underneath my collar sometimes
It’s cold against my flesh
It lives on me very obviously
My cold comfort, while you are not here
It is silver, as I wish you to be a silver river
That I swim through in the morning
After that I will sit dripping on a sun-warmed bank
The commander in chief of stars in our solar system
Is the personal tea cozy of this river bank, and of me
It is the warmest comfort, other than your arms
Water rolls down my back, splays over it like fingers
So I imagine your hands
And in my heart there is a golden knot
With your name on it
And I don’t know how that happened.

Sarah Ricard

Sarah Ricard

Sarah Ricard is an emergent writer based in Iowa. Her work has appeared in The Release Magazine and is forthcoming in Fate Magazine.
Sarah Ricard

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