The Laminator

stimulus vs. context, again

a DuPont do-gooder=kissing cousin to the pretentious limn & lowbrow linoleum=&
beneath its polymer mask=lament always bleeds through=I stand feeding it as my

mother stood on the back porch feeding sloshing towels to churning wringer rolls=block
letters=a two-foot molar=bulletin board pumpkins & MLK’s head=passing boys tug

my pant legs=beg me to preserve their powdering moths=the principal winks=sneaks
me his frayed hunting permit=& the fourth grade maps throw caution to the wind=dive

into the heated film like a backyard slip ‘n slide=their ratio of risk to fun golden until
a wrinkle disrupts the machine’s scroll=stuta-stut-stut=I hit reverse=smell the element

protest=wince as it sears my knuckle skin=my punishment for thrusting time astern=for
challenging the tide of plastination

Maureen Kingston

Assistant Editor at The Centrifugal Eye
Maureen Kingston lives and works in eastern Nebraska.  She is an assistant editor at The Centrifugal Eye.  Her poems and prose have appeared or are forthcoming in Emerge Literary Journal, Gone Lawn, Humber Pie (UK), Psychic Meatloaf, The Meadowland Review, Rufous City Review, Stone Highway Review,, and Wild Orphan (UK).

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