To the People of Earth


If I were to paint a picture of how things ought to be,
I would smear drops of blood
And use the brushes
To hold up the frame

If I were to paint a portrait of you,
I would create a jigsaw puzzle
Whose edges don’t match
(on purpose)

If I were to draw your half-naked body,
I would place a crooked smile
-the smile that founded
The coarse (corpse) springs of my bed
In which I lie
Out of pity

Maria A. Arana

The experience of writing poetry since High School has led Maria to two chapbooks and dozens of poems. Currently, she is working on a young adult novel, whose theme revolves around the relationship between father and son.
Her poetry appears in the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Emerging Urban Poets, theshelterespoet, and the Long Story Short.

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