Twin Sisters Vanitas

my lovely sisters

we once shared a continent=blowing bubbles across the playground map=in love
with our double-paned reflections in those soapy gazing balls

then we wobbled onto that orange-blossomed peninsula=trying on the bad girl’s hips=
sipping three parts gin to one part Tropicana=& our ambersweet orb split apart

our synchrony divided by the quest for love everlasting=a choice of the here & now=of
la petite mort=or the delayed joys of heaven

the matter’s still unsettled between us & we tussle out of sight=transparent jellies on a
sandspit ledge=sissing medusas=rival conquistadors willing to drown

our common estate=whose fault is it?=yours?=mine?=we don’t talk about it=we parry
& pretend=stone-skim the surface with weekly calls=birthday cards

for the kids=who’s making what for the family reunion=our thumbs callous
from dutifully flipping calendar pages

it’s the job of the older to dictate=the job of the younger to resist=nature cannot be
usurped=you won’t do what I want=I won’t do what you want=Barbie’s

still broken between us=I have the head=you have the body=I texted you today=to
thank you for the link to your new profile page=your reply was cold=why?

because I wouldn’t buy the uploaded version of your life?=the phony=razzle-dazzle=
pixelated version of your life?=why try & fool me?=me of all people?

we don’t phone for a while=the fall frost comes early=that potted marigold
you gave me for May Day?=rust-rotten on the patio

Maureen Kingston

Assistant Editor at The Centrifugal Eye
Maureen Kingston lives and works in eastern Nebraska.  She is an assistant editor at The Centrifugal Eye.  Her poems and prose have appeared or are forthcoming in Emerge Literary Journal, Gone Lawn, Humber Pie (UK), Psychic Meatloaf, The Meadowland Review, Rufous City Review, Stone Highway Review,, and Wild Orphan (UK).

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