I am the uneducated
child of the system
on the brink of space
fading in time
Lost within the woven cloth
of social brigade,
Soldiers of the field
are dying with the Sun
My father's ghosts
are my mother's hosts
The wounded belly of our breath
is bleeding internally; eternally
Bodies lying in the streets
of your town
Bodies lying in the beds
safe and sound,
Blood flows thick in the river
Draining from our mother's veins
stains upon her gown thicken
sickened to her soul she cries
skies fade into the black of night
light dies and she sleeps
seeps into dreams and the unknown
sun shown eyes squeeze out the dead
red runs down her chin
   down her neck
	down her breast
	   down her stomach,
Pain runs down her brain
   down her eyes
	down her arms
	   down her heart.
She awakens
	and looks upon the slaughter
She knows she's dying
	and fears for her daughter,

She is lost within a hateful
	cheerful, confused world
	   her creatures are no longer hers
	   her thoughts go unheard
	   her cries, ignored

And the cars whizz by
	on paved fields
	   beneath man's lights
	   beneath man's buildings
	   beneath man's towers
	   beneath man's clouds,

And it's true
there's nothing she can do
the skies of blue
are changing hue-

Who cares
let's go get a burger.

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