You were the unicorn
in the waves
but I didn’t know that
until just yesterday,
when I caught you
peeking around
the curtains’ edge
just as the sun came up.
Later I found the seashell
and caught the faint whiff
of your tobacco,
thrown out years ago,
after your death.

I ran down to the shore,
stumbling over the rocky bank.
The tide had gone out
and the sea lions
sunned themselves
on the wet, sandy,
triangle of shore.
They looked at me,
nodding imperceptibly
towards the sea,
and I knew they’d
seen you too.

Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall is a writer, artist, and activist.  She is just returning to poetry writing after a 30 year hiatus and thus you are among the first to discover her poems.  Her essays, however, have been widely published throughout the world and she is also the author of several blogs including her personal blog, Reclaiming Medusa.

She lives in a far ex-urb of Washington, DC, frequently participates in open mics and writing workshops, loves peach ice cream and is criminally negligent towards her houseplants
Lucinda Marshall

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